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Widgery Wharf

Words by Charlie Ipcar 2002
Tune: traditional "Cruisin' Round Yarmouth"

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While cruisin' 'round Portland one day for a spree,
I spied a fair damsel the wind blowin' free;
I buttoned me jacket and hove way me chew,
And drew along side, her bunting to view.

Sing fal-de-ral, laddies, sing fal-de-ral-day,
Sing fal-de-ral, laddies, sing fal-de-ral-day!

I said, "Pretty fair maid, where are you bound?"
She replied with a wink "The Old Port of Town;
To Widgery Wharf where me Friendship Sloop bides,
If you'd like to board her, I'll lay you 'longside."


She tossed out a line and took me in tow,
To Widgery Wharf like a shot we did go;
We clewed up our tops'ls and rounded up neat,
And moored fore and aft, below Union Street.


Now that sloop sure looked sharp, her fiddlehead neat,
And I admired her lines as I trimmed all her sheets;
She was round in the counter and broad at the beam,
Such a weatherly craft I seldom had seen.


I checked out her cuddy and found lots of room,
And there deep inside I stowed me jib-boom;
We rode out the weather, the waves breaking free,
Hove to in her harbor, as snug as could be.


Now, Widgery Wharf is a place I know well,
Since I've swallowed the anchor, in a bait shack to dwell;
Where I spend all me days a-mending fish gear,
But all of me nights in the arms of me dear.


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